Advantages and characteristics of our Top-Load-Systems:

  • custom solutions for special requirements available
  • high availability
  • rugged basic design
  • system adaption to customer needs
  • in-house programming
  • many years of experience
  • only top quality components (e.g. ABB / Schneider Elau)
  • ergonomic and easy operation, also for untrained staff
  • low maintenance cost and maintenance friendly

Types and Applications (examples) of our Top-Load-Systems:

  • delta-pickers / Flex-Pickers: pick-and-place of individual products, sorting, grouping, loading
  • multi axix robots: pick-and-place of indidual products or grouped products
  • bucket-wheel: for loading delicate bulk product (e.g. frozen raspberries)
  • loading hoppers (fixed or moving): for loading bulk product (also frozen) into cartons
  • dosing units: for loading pasty prodcuts (e.g. creamed spinach)
  • Slidefill: filling cartons by lettting the product glide into the box diagonally from the top

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