Carton former

Advantages and characteristics of our Carton Former:

  • easy and fast format change (3 - 5 min.)
  • ergonomic and easy operation, also for untrained staff
  • rugged basic design
  • high output (up to 60 cycles/min. per forming head)
  • operator friendly
  • low sensitivity to warped carton blanks
  • high availability
  • available in stainless steel
  • high precision and wear resistant stainless steel forming tools
  • low maintenance cost and maintenance friendly
  • available for wet operation

Execution of our Carton Former:

  • variable speed adjustment due to servo drive
  • driven magazines
  • each forming head separately servo driven
  • rotating vacuum depositor or cam controlled depositor with injector system
  • carton blank transport (within machine) with servo drive
  • high process reliability due to intermediate station
  • central adjustment of the carton transport guides and magazines
  • temperature controlled hot air system (hot air version)
  • water cooled forming heads (hot air version)
  • optional: servo driven chain conveyor for carton output
  • optional: vacuum station to stabilize formed cartons
  • blower integrated into former frame, suction nozzles integrated in to conveyor
  • switch cabinet in stainless steel
  • control system: Schneider Elau
  • touch panel: Siemens

Products compatible with our Carton Former:

e.g. frozen food, vegetables, biscuits, sweets, ready meals, bakery products , bulk product, other pieced products and bagged products.

Method of operation of our Carton Former:

HSA/60-2/V5 is a fully automatic carton former with a single, double, triple or quadruple forming tool for erecting and forming punched cardboard folding box blanks of different designs and structures that are joined together by heat sealing, tuck-in or hotmelt at the bottom side flaps.

Using a rotary or cam guided depositor, vacuum suction cups remove the blanks from the pneumatically driven magazines and put them on a transport section. The transport section transports the blanks into a pre-station to heat them (hot air) or to apply glue (hotmelt). After this the blanks are pushed in the erecting tool. Each forming head is individually driven by a servo motor. The tool forms the carton and fixes it by tuck-in, hot air-sealing or hotmelt-gluing. After that the formed cartons or trays leave the machine in order to be filled with product. The former HSA/60-V5 is also suitable to produce formed trays (without top lid).

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